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From: Caleb Tennis <caleb@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] Qt4 portage update
Date: Thu, 16 Jun 2005 18:07:28
1 With the pending release of Qt4 very soon, I wanted to take a moment to update
2 the community on what kind of effect it will have on portage:
4 First, the installation is now FHS compliant - no more stuff going
5 into /usr/qt.
7 Previous Qt versions built one big library; this version builds 9 or 10
8 smaller ones (all installed into /usr/lib/qt4). Since the names are
9 different, as well as the sonames, there should not be any runtime linking
10 issues with a mixed installation.
12 Qt4 does not make use of the QTDIR environment variable like Qt3 did. This
13 means that automated build scripts, such as those with most KDE programs,
14 will still pick up the correct Qt3 programs (uic, moc, and qmake). For
15 programs that don't use these types of build scripts, ebuild modifications
16 may need to be made to tell the package which directory to pick up its binary
17 tools in (/usr/qt/3/bin for Qt3, /usr/bin for Qt4).
19 I currently don't have any plans for any type of xxx-config package to switch
20 between versions. After installing Qt4, those applications will be higher in
21 precedence in the PATH. If you need to run Qt3 applications, you will either
22 need to specify the full path or restructure your PATH to make it work.
24 Even though Trolltech split out the GUI libraries from the rest of the core
25 libraries, X11 is still a dependency for the whole package. The reason for
26 this is that, as of now, Trolltech hasn't provided a convenient way to build
27 a subset of the libraries - it's really an all or nothing thing. Eventually
28 once the development stabilizes a bit, I think it will be feasible to have a
29 gui and non-gui set of ebuilds.
31 All that said - the latest version in portage ( qt-4.0.0_rc1-r2 ) works and
32 installs great for me. At this point, it may be good for aches to try
33 testing the installation, as well as people who use non-traditional setups,
34 like icc, ulibc, or "interesting" CXXFLAGS.
36 At the moment, I don't know of any installable applications that make use of
37 this new Qt version, but they'll be springing up very soon. Hopefully we'll
38 be ready for them.
40 Thanks,
41 Caleb
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