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From: "Anna “CyberTailor”" <cyber@×××××.in>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] [RFC] New category: net-servers
Date: Sun, 19 Dec 2021 10:57:59
1 Hello, list.
3 I've been packaging some Gemini protocol servers and clients in ::guru
4 overlay, and they all go to net-misc category. I think it would be
5 better to split browsers and servers for non-www protocols (like Finger,
6 Ident, Gemini and Gopher) into separate categories.
8 "The net-servers category contains servers for miscellaneous network
9 protocols."
11 Some candidates for new category are:
13 [N] net-misc/arpd (0.2-r1): ARP server claiming all unassigned addresses (for network monitoring/simulation)
14 [I] net-misc/fakeidentd (2.6-r1@18.07.2021): A static, secure identd. One source file only!
15 [N] net-misc/geomyidae ((~)0.34-r1): A daemon to serve the gopher protocol
16 [N] net-misc/gofish (1.2-r1): Gofish gopher server
17 [N] net-misc/midentd ((~)2.3.1-r2): ident daemon with masquerading and fake replies support
18 [N] net-misc/netkit-bootparamd (0.17-r4): Netkit - bootparamd
19 [N] net-misc/netkit-routed (--): Netkit - routed
20 [I] net-misc/netkit-talk (0.17-r7@29.08.2021): Netkit - talkd
21 [N] net-misc/netkit-timed (0.17-r10): Netkit - timed
22 [N] net-misc/oidentd (3.0.0-r1): Another (RFC1413 compliant) ident daemon
23 [N] net-misc/sgopherd ((~)18.08): Small Gopher Server written in GNU Bash
24 [N] net-misc/utelnetd ((~)0.1.11-r2): A small Telnet daemon, derived from the Axis tools
25 [I] net-misc/x2goserver ( The X2Go server
27 I also consider creating net-client category just for ::guru since there
28 are many gemini/gopher browsers.


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