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From: Rex Young <RYoung@×××××××.com>
To: gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: RE: [gentoo-dev] changelogs...
Date: Thu, 22 May 2003 22:31:58
1 >unfotunately this is oftem the case. Right now as I write on my machine
2 >if I execute the will see that only the vim
3 >updates have a
4 >proper release notes right on the front page. Orbit and gnome-vfs point
5 >directly to where I havent been able to find any
6 >release note.
7 >(I looked for release notes of ORBit for like more than an
8 >hour.... then
9 >I posted the message). fileroller website hasnt even announced any such
10 >release... only the tarballs available on on gnome (boy is gentoo
11 >cutting edge :) ). gaim also doesnt provide any realease note
12 >on the web
13 >site. I suppose all these packages provide release notes in the source
14 >tarball... but thats not very convenient.. it defeats some of the
15 >purpose of the gentoo system to download the file and expand just to
16 >read the release note.
19 I would like to echo this. More than twice, I've looked to a web page
20 to learn a little more about a package only to find scant information,
21 or worse, a dead link.
23 I like this idea so much, that I'll offer to get it rolling. If it should
24 be decided that this will be done, I'm sure that there will be quite a
25 number
26 of previously released packages which would like a longer description added
27 to them. I'm only an engineer, not a software developer, but this is
28 something
29 I think I can handle.
31 -rex
33 --
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