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From: Jeremy Sands <sandsj@××××××.edu>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] Special request for maintainer / auditor of LiSt Package
Date: Mon, 03 Apr 2006 04:58:06
1 Let me preface this by saying that I am aware of the large amounts of
2 bad blood existing between various Gentoo dev members and 'dma147'. I
3 was not poking around under the hood of Gentoo when things transpired,
4 so I am unaware of what happened... and frankly don't care to know what
5 happened.
7 dma147 has started a new Linux project --- (LiSt). It
8 uses a client to poll files in proc and other such things to generate a
9 statistical profile of the user's machine, and then submit this info
10 (only if the user agrees to) to the LiSt servers, where it then compiles
11 things into collective statistical breakdowns. I would like to see
12 this client added to the official tree, but that requires a dev to be
13 maintainer and do a security audit of the client. Given that upstream
14 is dma147, this obviously isn't something most of the devs I talked to
15 on Freenode... errr.... "jumped at" so to speak. So I'm asking here if
16 anybody is willing to do this. If necessary I will serve as middle man
17 between bugzilla and upstream if that's the only way to see this
18 through. I think it a shame and unfair to the end user for this not to
19 be included just because of some spat between devs.
21 The details of LiSt:
23 All information is submitted anonymously as far as I can tell. By
24 default nothing is submitted without the user's approval. The user can
25 create a "public profile" page at, but by default that
26 is disabled. As far as I can tell, almost everything is attained
27 simply by polling appropriate files within /proc (meaning this client is
28 severely crippled for people using user mode kernels).
30 The valuable end result is:
31 - An *accurate* database of hardware, generated from lspci polling by
32 client, where users can rate how it performs under Linux. This would be
33 of alot of use to me when building machines for myself and clients to
34 assure the best Linux experience possible.
35 - My inner geek loves truck loads of stats for how things are being
36 deployed as a whole... window managers, file systems, etc. If adopted
37 wide scale, it would be arguably the most accurate source of statistics
38 for kernel/fs/wm adoption etc.
40 If anybody is willing to become maintainer and perform an audit, please
41 reply. If anybody has questions, I have been temporarily voiced in
42 #gentoo-dev under the name GTswagger ... I will try to help answer your
43 questions as best I can if I'm around.
45 - Jeremy Sands
46 CS Undergrad, University of South Carolina
47 Columbia/NCAAbbs LUG
48 --
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