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From: Geert Bevin <gbevin@×××××××.be>
To: gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] GUi installer brainstorm
Date: Sun, 06 Jan 2002 16:55:14
1 Hi all,
3 I post a log of what Hallski and I have been talking about on irc,
4 please add you comments.
6 <Bevin> what did you already imagine in terms of GUI tools for gentoo?
7 installer, package manager, admin tools, ... ?
8 <Hallski> not much really, the problem for packagemanager and admin
9 tools would be which toolkit (or mulitple)
10 <Hallski> about the installer I would really like to have it so that
11 users see what happends and take an active part in it
12 <Hallski> since it's very educating
13 <Hallski> *puh*
14 <Bevin> that's also how I see the installer, more like a guide with
15 blanks to fill in and commandlines to choose from, not something that
16 tries to detect and do everything automatically
17 <Hallski> yes
18 <Hallski> well, some kind of hardware detection would be nice though
19 <Bevin> I saw this kinda like a frame based approach, left frame with
20 details about the current step and required data with links to
21 alternative paths
22 <Hallski> that takes you through setting the different parts up
23 <Bevin> right frame almost exactly as a normal shell, but i which
24 commands get auto-pasted from the left frame
25 <Bevin> didn't the new developer was going to work on auto-detection
26 of hadrware
27 <Hallski> yes, I think it would be rather nice to have that, so it can
28 autoinsert commands
29 <Hallski> oh, nice
30 <Bevin> so it's a kinda like an interactive and guiding documentation
31 <Hallski> yes
32 <Bevin> with no need to print out the installation manual before
33 installing
34 <Hallski> it could even be so easy to just have a html-browser that
35 shows the installation
36 <Hallski> but it would be nicer to have some more interactive aproach
37 <Hallski> like, when you excecute the command in the shell-prompt it
38 takes you to the next step in the guide-part
39 <Hallski> wonder if that would be easy to do :)
40 <Bevin> exactly my thoughts :-)
41 <Hallski> you can have like Next-button
42 <Bevin> or even a real website-like navigation with possible
43 installation actions tat still have to be done
44 <Bevin> the most important part will in fact be to write a good
45 'story-board'
46 <Hallski> agree
47 <Bevin> where every step in clear explanantions and all 'follow-ups'
48 needed
49 <Hallski> yes
50 <Bevin> guess I'll get onto that storyboard first then
51 <Bevin> and post it to the mailinglist as soon I have a first draft
52 <Hallski> yes, that would be great
53 <Bevin> about the toolkit, I like to use qt for it for several reasons
54 <Hallski> ok
55 <Bevin> 1. everything possibly needed is available in 1 lib
56 <Hallski> I don't want to hack QT but it's ok if you do it :)
57 <Bevin> 2. it officially supports operating without X
58 <Bevin> first however I'd like to try to make a boot cd that contains
59 the qt-embedded lib and an example app, as a proff of concept
60 <Bevin> do you know if drobbins has 'portagified' his build cd
61 creation scripts already?
62 <Hallski> well, I think I can look a little at QT, but I'd rather not
63 spend to much time learning about it
64 <Hallski> dunno
65 <Bevin> helping out with the storyboard will be most of the work
66 <Hallski> yes


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