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Subject: [gentoo-dev] Hi from Argentina!
Date: Mon, 22 Apr 2002 13:28:11
Message-Id: 006101c1ea2a$ba621280$56a232c8@LocalHost
1 I my name is eduardo and i have if you want some questions to make you. Im working in a linux distribution to my school is a proyect, finished all the work with the files in tar.gz format, i made the installer, but this is my questions:
3 1-How i can make that when the CD starts loads the kernel and the next the installer, because i burn the cd and the cd loads to the kernel but don´t start the installer :(
4 i burn the cd with the program call Nero, i select the bootimage.img, so how i can burn the bootimage.img and the rootdisk.img together? of there if other ways to burn this options? i have to make an iso first?.
6 2-I designed a wallpaper to put in the distribution, how i can make that when the distribution is installed for the first time put automatically the wallpaper in the KDE desktop?, is this possible? i seen in the mandrake distribution.
8 3-the bootimage.img is a small kernel no? so if i put the kernel logo that i made in full screen is posible that when the cd boots load the image no?
10 Well thanks for yours time.
12 And Sorry for my bad English, i working on :).
14 Greetings from Argentina.
16 Eduardo L. Arana
17 caveman@××××××.com


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