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From: Dominic Leland <domlau@××××.com>
To: gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] Portage newbie needs help -- Please ignore the other one
Date: Mon, 16 Apr 2001 20:40:22
Message-Id: 001401c0c6e7$963ba450$
1 Sorry, I didn't realized my email program was sending html email. Didn't
2 quite translate well. Here's the text version:
4 Hi everyone,
6 I've been using Gentoo, off and on, since rc3 (I believe). When rc4-pre2
7 came out, I wanted to go head-first into it. Unfortunately, I always mess up
8 my system with portage. Back then, when I would update portage, my pkgmerge
9 would be broken. With almost no software installed (and not enough energy to
10 compile everything from source) I would reinstall and ignore portage.
12 Back when I first tried this, I read a post here on gentoo-dev saying that
13 the portage I was using was broken and would be fixed soon. I left Gentoo
14 alone for a while. I wanted to wait for rc5 and give portage a little more
15 time to develop.
17 With all of the documentation improvements and a few portage updates, I
18 decided to try it again. I still have a broken portage/pkgmerge, but I did
19 get a little further last time. Just to compare, I am going to list the
20 steps I took this time:
22 1.Install Gentoo according to the Installation guide. FYI, in case you want
23 to know, here's how my partitions are set up:
24 /dev/hda1 VFAT ~25GB Windows
25 /dev/hda2 VFAT ~25GB Windows (data)
26 /dev/hda3 reiserfs 150MB /boot
27 /dev/hda4 25GB extended
28 /dev/hda5 reiserfs 4GB /
29 /dev/hda6 swap 250MB
31 (I'm planning on following Daniel's article on LVM - I'm leaving a bunch of
32 unallocated space after the swap)
34 2.Downloaded the latest (I think) rsync.
35 3.Rsync'ed the portage tree.
36 4.ebuild portage-x.y.z.ebuild merge -- This part suprisingly worked - it
37 didn't last time.
39 Even though portage seemed to merge fine, it would always fail whenever I
40 would go into any other directory and try to do an "ebuild
41 package-x.y.z.ebuild merge." I kept getting a "package already installed -
42 unmerge first" error (even on things I knew weren't installed like
43 Gnome-1.4).
45 The document's next step, assuming ebuilding worked, was to unmerge the
46 existing file, but since I had just started my /var/db/pkg tree, I wouldn't
47 have entries for anything I was upgrading.
49 Since the last time I tried this seemed to break my pkgmerge, I tried to
50 merge some packages off of CDROM. Nope. I keep getting errors (something
51 like "index out of range").
53 I'm really anxious to get my system up and running and upgradable. I like
54 how the newer portage is recursive. Any help from the portage adepts is much
55 appreciated.
57 Thank you.
59 Dominic Leland