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From: Deedra Waters <dmwaters@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o, gentoo-core@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] New devs!
Date: Wed, 23 Jun 2004 22:09:01
1 Hi all!
3 I have a couple of new devs to introduce today..
5 Michele Noberasco (s4t4n)
7 I think that I will let Michele's profile speak for itself, since he gave
8 me all the info I'd have put here.:)
10 Uh, well...
11 I'm Italian, 26, currently live in a small town named Mondovi' where I'm
12 searching for employment (anybody got some work for me I can do from
13 home?), but come from a small village on the coasts of Liguria. I live
14 with my fiancee Paola, whom I love fiercely (we are going to get married
15 and have some babies as soon as we can afford to). I like doing so many
16 things that I can spend only a fraction of the time I would like to on
17 them, things like caving, snorkeling, reading, trekking, mountain
18 climbing, swimming, going to the cinema, coding, playing my flute,
19 hacking around in linux systems, ...
20 Feel free to ask for more if you feel like it ;-)
22 That's about it, for now, I think...
23 Good night to you all ;-P
24 Happy Coding
26 Frank van de Pol (fvdpol)
28 Frank has come to join the gentoo team to help out the sound team, I'll
29 let him tell you about himself.:)
32 I'm a Linux user since the early 90's, and a technology focussed person
33 for all
34 my life.
35 During high-school my hobbies ranged from electronics (building audio
36 circuitry
37 a specified in magazines) and hacking around on my Commodore C-16 home
38 computer
39 (basic and 6510 assember programming). This gave me the motivation to
40 study and
41 become an electrical engineer, graduated with specialisation in analogue
42 electronics, telecommunications and digital signal processing.
43 I've a lot of hobbies, which force me to have a paid job for the funding
44 of
45 these hobbies. This paid job involves process control, factory automation,
46 manufacturing execution systems, and all the operating systems, database
47 technology, networking, analysis/project management methods etc. to
48 support
49 this. Heck... it's difficult to balance between spending time for my paid
50 job,
51 and spending time at the hobbies...
52 Ok, now the important part, my hobbies: The first one I'd like to bring up
53 is
54 making and recording music in my studio; the studio is mostly build around
55 analogue equipment, synths, samplers and some computers running linux.
56 Unlike
57 the hardware devices in the studio the linux machines seem to be an
58 everlasting
59 project; there are always new things to add, new software to
60 port/debug/test/write, so I might call this my 2nd hobby. A third one is
61 to
62 visit concerts, live performances etc. Other things I like to do in my
63 spare
64 time is to design (and sometimes build) electronic devices, and to brew
65 beer in
66 the micro brewery in my home.
67 I currently live in Bergen op Zoom, the Netherlands
69 (pwew, that's a long one :-)
71 Daniel Goller (morfic)
73 Daniel has come to join the Gentoo team to help out with gcc3.4. I'll let
74 you tell you about himself.:)
76 you have a question about machining parts? im your man, with 14 yrs in
77 the business, i know quite a bit about machining parts.
79 I'm now married for 7 years.
80 And i have a daughter who just turned 3 in May, and who is already all
81 excited to go on "the big plane" to fly and see Mickey Mouse.
82 I like science fiction, shows like Enterprise or SG-1 for example.
84 I used to give introductory level support for new users of LTSP (
85 ) but have been mostly focused on gentoo lately.
86 I helped out on icewm for gentoo.
88 Please help me welcome theese guys to Gentoo, I know they'll do a
89 good job.:)
92 I'd like to take a second and thank Jason Huebel (jhuebel) for helping recruiters out so much while I was out of town, he's done a wonderful job with helping me to keep from going insane:)
94 Thanks!
95 Deedra
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