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From: Michael Mair-Keimberger <m.mairkeimberger@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] Gentoo QA Scripts
Date: Mon, 04 Jun 2018 19:22:22
1 Dear Gentoo Devs,
3 Some time ago i presented some scripts which are running daily on my
4 website to provide some basic QA findings. I wanted to give you a
5 update on the status of the scripts as many things changed since then.
6 First of all, is outdated and will be removed
7 soon. It was already just a mirror of the new link for some time. The
8 new link is:
12 While the original homepage just listed all the findings, the new one
13 adds some nice graphs and a better overview (i hope). However I'm not
14 a web designer/developer so it's still a very basic homepage.
16 Most of the work went into the scripts anyway. And as of today there
17 are 26 different checks and 6 statistical listings on the homepage. I
18 wont gonna go into detail of every script and since there is a
19 description anyway i suggest you to look at the homepage to find out
20 what those script are looking for.
22 However, you might have a look at [0], a new script which basically
23 only runs repoman full on every package. The results also adds the
24 usual by-maintainer and by-packages filtering. Also under
25 sort-by-filter you'll find lists of every found repoman check.
27 Following are the major improvements since the first time I've
28 presented the scripts.
29 * using parallel: every script uses parallel to speed up checks
30 drastically.
31 * checking overlays: I've already added some overlays to check. Just
32 let me know if you want some other overlays checked as well.
34 Further work:
35 * More checks, especially regarding EAPI7
36 * Further improve runtime with only checking changed packages (WIP)
37 * Improve documentation/descriptions
39 I've also created a git repo from all the checks which gets updated
40 once a day after finishing every script. The idea was to have some
41 historical information as well, similar to [1], but for single
42 packages. The repo is already over 4GB big. However i don't have any
43 idea how to represent the data in a sane way, so if someone want to
44 have a look at it, i can provide them with the full repo. Just be
45 warned, the data and directory structure changed over time, so i guess
46 it's not that simple to use.
48 The sources of the scripts are still available at [2]. PR's or requests
49 are welcomed. I'm also available on IRC (Nick: iamnr3), mostly
50 hanging around in #gentoo-dev-help.
52 Kind regards
53 Michael
55 [0]
56 [1]
57 [2]


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