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From: Steve Dibb <beandog@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] best way to use profiles and package.use.mask?
Date: Tue, 12 Aug 2008 18:00:21
1 Okay, this is something that I've wondered about for a while, but need
2 to ask -- what is the best way (do we even have a policy) for using
3 package.use.mask in profiles?
5 A couple of specific questions:
7 If I need to mask a use flag because of use flag dependencies that won't
8 work on a particular arch, do I need to contact the arch teams to modify
9 their package.use.mask profile? If the answer is yes, I can see that as
10 a huge blocker since I'd have to wait on the arches to do something
11 before I can even put an ebuild in the tree. I realize this is a
12 per-arch question depending on how each one might respond, but a common
13 consensus would be good.
15 Are there ever any cases where we could just simply put the use flag as
16 restricted in the global package.use.mask and then unrestrict them in
17 the profiles ones if, for example, it only worked on one or a few
18 arches? Or is the best policy always to mask it on each profile?
20 As for a specific example, mplayer's dxr2/dxr3 use flag now pulls in a
21 dependency (media-video/em8300-libraries) which is only keyworded for
22 x86, ppc, and amd64. That means I'd have to mask the use flag in alpha,
23 hppa, ia64, ppc64 and sparc (according to repoman). I could skirt the
24 issue completely and just run an if statement checking if they are using
25 any of those three arches, but I'd prefer to do it the right way. And
26 not piss off any arch teams in the process.
28 So I guess my question is, can individual ebuild devs freely edit
29 package.use.mask files in profiles?
31 Steve