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From: Damaen <damaen@××××××××××××.com>
To: gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] painful KDE install
Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2002 13:39:45
I'm wondering if anyone else ran into the problems merging
kdebase-2.2.2-r1. I'm not normally a KDE user, but I do try it out
everytime there is an update. 

I ran into three problems during compile. All of them undefined
references. I'm sorry I don't have exact errors, but I believe I can
replicate them if need be.

First off, I hit an undefined reference in ./libkonq/, lines
197-200 to the function KIconEffect::hasEffect. I remedied it by
commenting the reference out and replacing the if statment, as such:

195:    KIconEffect *effect = KGlobal::iconLoader()->iconEffect();
197:    //bool haveEffect = effect->hasEffect( KIcon::Desktop, d->state
) !=
198:    //                  effect->hasEffect( KIcon::Desktop, state );
200://    if( haveEffect &&
201:    if(
202:        effect->fingerprint( KIcon::Desktop, d->state ) !=
203:        effect->fingerprint( KIcon::Desktop, state ) )
204:    {

Compile continued after this, until I hit another undefined reference in
./kcontrol/crypto/crypto.cpp, to function
KSSLCertificateCache::modifyByCN, again, I commented it out, line 987:

986:     QDateTime expires = x->getExpires();
987:     //_cc.modifyByCN(thisCN,
x->isPermanent(), expires);
988:     //policies->setGroup(x->configName());

Compile now moved past this point, this time it died on undefined
references in actually corrected this by backrev'ing Mesa
from 3.5 to 3.4.2.

Compile actually finished after this, and I do have a running KDE
environ. I did update Mesa, back to v3.5, and it seems to be running
fine. I thought that I should mention this difficulty to you guys
though... :)

Tim Bissell
The man with a new idea is a Crank until the idea succeeds.
   - Mark Twain - Following the Equator


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