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From: Dan Naumov <jago@×××××××××××.com>
To: gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] What's up with the "stable" tree of portage ?
Date: Wed, 19 Jun 2002 21:12:46
Message-Id: 1024539226.14501.8.camel@localhost.localdomain
1 Hey.
3 It has been rumored for quite some time now that Gentoo will have a
4 "stable" branch of portage. This is really essential for people wanting
5 to run Gentoo on a server and desktop users who would take stability
6 over anything. However, I haven't heard any "official words" on as to
7 when will Gentoo actually get this stable branch.
9 Over time (I've now been a Gentoo users for a few months), I've become
10 more and more annoyed by the breakage that occurs so often in the one
11 and only tree of Portage. It seems to me that not enough care and
12 testing goes into it and I realised that unless the stable branch will
13 happen soon (2-3 months top), I will consider going back to FreeBSD and
14 apparently, I am not the only one who thinks in a similar fashion.
16 So what's the problem ? Lack of human resources ? If that's the case, I
17 would like to volunteer to help with maintaining the stable branch. I
18 don't have excessive knowledge of Python, but I've contributed a few
19 ebuilds (so I know the basics of how things work) and I am willing to
20 spend a lot of time testing the ebuilds.
22 I hope I didn't sound too offensive or anything.
24 Sincerely,
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