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From: Pieter Breed <pantera@×××××.org>
To: gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] USE flag and .tbz2 question
Date: Sat, 21 Dec 2002 22:44:43
1 Hi
3 I would just like to ask a question ... If portage builds a package (say a
4 rather big one like kde-libs) and stores the .tbz2 file in packages or
5 wherever. If you later want to reinstall that version ebuild that you have a
6 package of, but some of the USE flags have changed since the package was
7 built, does portage pick this up? Or will it just use the .tbz2 file without
8 question?
10 regards
11 pieter
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13 pension:
14 A federally insured chain letter.
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