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From: "Diego \\\"Flameeyes\\\" Pettenò" <flameeyes@×××××××××××××.de>
To: gentoo-dev@××××××××××××.org
Subject: Re: [gentoo-dev] Pluggable Hell Part 2: Fixing everything up!
Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2005 13:23:04
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-dev] Pluggable Hell Part 2: Fixing everything up! by Fabian Zeindl
1 On Thursday 31 March 2005 16:10, Fabian Zeindl wrote:
2 > Are there anywhere more informations about OpenPAM? Because I read
3 > several threads about problems with Udev and PAM's console.perms. There
4 > are a few threads which suggest deinstalling PAM under Gentoo.
5 See my email of just a minute ago about pam_console.
6 console.perms is something related with pam_console which, as I said, is only
7 a workaround which does more bad than good things atm.
9 I'd like to see it off-the-tree, but as this is not practical, moving it out
10 of sys-libs/pam ebuild could be enough to have it safe for now.
12 Please note that is not enabled by default on recent systems.
15 About removing PAM, it's not practical in a recent linux system, but maybe
16 when openpam will be enough well integrated on gentoo it could be a good
17 alternative as it's way lighter and minimalist.
19 --
20 Diego "Flameeyes" Pettenò