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From: Alec Warner <antarus@g.o>
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Subject: [gentoo-dev] Gentoo-Status
Date: Mon, 21 Aug 2006 22:58:58
1 It has been noted that certain projects do not communicate their
2 activities well.
4 Many projects provide documentation for things(java), provide status
5 updates on things(ppc), have bits in the gwn (x86,userrel,amd64),
6 Release releases (releng), or have active webpages (adopt-a-dev, bugday)
8 There are some projects that keep to themselves; AND these projects
9 concern other projects (are global, to an extent). This AND means I can
10 leave out things like arch teams, or smaller projects that don't update
11 often. This mail is not meant for things like that. So below we have 3
12 large far-reaching projects.
14 Gentoo Quality Assurance Team
15 Gentoo Infrastructure Team
16 Gentoo Portage Team
17 Gentoo Foundation
18 Gentoo Council
20 All 5 of these projects are active. However all 5 have failed to
21 communicate what they are doing; leading to people asking multiple times
22 about an issue, people getting frustrated, people getting outright
23 pissed off and hostile. Today especially has been a bad day for this.
25 Tsunam has blogged, so I will mail here instead.
27 I request that these teams present status reports bi-weekly (thats one
28 every two weeks). You don't even have to write the reports, I will
29 volunteer to bug you every two weeks about what is going on in your
30 project and you can just drop a few words. I will author the report for
31 you and post it to dev (if you wish for me to do so).
33 Note: I shouldn't have to write this here; but this mail is targetted at
34 no one. All 5 of these teams are working for gentoo, however the
35 miscommunications have cost some friendships and caused bad blood
36 between many a pair of devs ( and in some cases, between teams ).
38 The Goal of this mail is not chastise anyone; but to keep the rest of us
39 informed on your progress.
41 PS: I have CC'd the teams necessary as I realize that not everyone reads
42 -dev, so I apologize if this gets to some people multiple times.
43 --
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