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From: Stuart Bouyer <stubear@××××××××××××.org>
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Subject: Re: [gentoo-dev] Gentoo Weekly News Letter - "Where is Gentoo Linux 1.4"
Date: Wed, 25 Jun 2003 14:08:46
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-dev] Gentoo Weekly News Letter - "Where is Gentoo Linux 1.4" by rob holland
1 On Wed, 25 Jun 2003 13:18:11 +0000
2 rob holland <robh@g.o> wrote:
4 >
5 > --On Wednesday, June 25, 2003 04:22:45 -0700 Matt Thrailkill
6 > <xwred1@×××××××××.net> wrote:
7 >
8 > Firstly, this is not a flame. Please give me the benefit of the doubt
9 > in that respect :)
10 >
11 > > Just a meager user comment. I run Gentoo "stable" on my desktop and
12 > > laptop, but it seems like things still change a bit too much and too
13 > > largely to where I'd feel comfortable deploying it on a server.
14 >
15 <snip,snip>
16 > Also, I think you misunderstand "releases". 1.4 is a release of an
17 > install CD and maybe GRP. Thats it. It makes no difference to the
18 > actual system once you start running emerge sync you'll be back in the
19 > same place as someone who installed with a 1.3 install CD and has been
20 > running emerge sync.
21 I think you misunderstand the complaint here. The problem (which has
22 been brought up this list previously) is that there is no way to
23 guarantee that I can get my server back to it's current configuration if
24 I have to reinstall at a later date. Not only will new versions of
25 ebuilds have been added to the portage tree, but there is a great chance
26 that ebuild for the version of the package that I'm happy using will no
27 longer be in portage tree. What I install using the 1.3 install CD today
28 will be very different from what I installed 3 months ago.
30 If I don't want to update to the new package - and there are many
31 reasons why I would not want to - then my only optinos are not to emerge
32 sync (and miss out on the update I do need) or to manually find the
33 ebuilds I want in the attic of the web cvs gateway.
35 The lack of a "static" version of gentoo is what is keeping me from
36 using it on a server.
38 StuBear
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