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From: Pat Double <double@×××××××××.com>
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Subject: [gentoo-dev] Diskless Gentoo client
Date: Fri, 13 Dec 2002 13:35:14
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4 I originally posted this in gentoo-user. I don't normally like to cross post
5 but I haven't received a response yet, so I thought the devs would have more
6 insight into these problems. Hopefully you'll tell me to change permissions
7 on some file and it'll work :) ....
9 I'm having trouble setting up a diskless Gentoo client. I have a Gentoo server
10 that will serve the root filesystem via NFS. The client's root has been setup
11 using a stage1 tarball and going through the bootstrap, etc. process to get
12 xfree merged. (The client will only provide an XDM login into the server so I
13 don't need a lot of packages).
15 I've gotten far in the process: A correct kernel with NFS root support has
16 been setup. I've used the mknbi program to create a bootable network image. I
17 have a floppy disk that will grab the kernel from the server using the
18 etherboot package. A tftp server is setup correctly to server the kernel. The
19 kernel boots, finds the nfs server and mounts the correct filesystem. It does
20 go through the boot sequence. I have modified /sbin/rc to create /etc, /var ,
21 /tmp and /root on tmpfs and copy the /etc and /var files from the root
22 filesystem into the temporary copy. I am mounting /mnt/.etc-tmpfs to tmpfs,
23 copying the files and then using mount -o bind to mount /mnt/.etc-tmpfs to
24 /etc. Same with /var. /tmp and /root is directly mounted to tmpfs with no
25 files in them. I have disabled the filesystem checks as well.
27 The boot sequence works fine until I get the init level 3. I only have the
28 "local" service starting and it completes fine (there is nothing in
29 /etc/conf.d/local.start so it does nothing). When init tries to start agetty
30 then the system hangs (no response to the keyboard, not VC switch). I've
31 tried to change init to start /bin/login instead and it runs, but when I type
32 in the user/pass it hangs as well. I changed to use "/bin/su - --login"
33 instead of agetty and I can login and issue commands successfully, etc but I
34 would like to get agetty working correctly.
36 I also tried getting the X Server to start. The client has an nvidia card. I
37 have successfully installed Gentoo to a hard drive on this machine and it
38 works without trouble. I tried xf86cfg without an XF86Config file, but it
39 blanked the screen and locked up the machine. I tried using a VESA
40 configuration but it says no display modes are available. I used an nvidia
41 configuration but it hangs the machine.
43 I think there is some basic problem here, not specific to xfree, since agetty
44 hangs and login (after typing user/pass) hangs. I tried to mount the root
45 filesystem rw and not use /etc, /var, /tmp and /root in RAM, no change.
47 I am using kernel gentoo-sources-2.4.19-r9. Is there a known bug in the kernel
48 or perhaps devfs? Should I not being using devfs with /dev on nfs? I can move
49 a copy of /dev to a tmpfs if necessary, that's about the only thing I haven't
50 tried.
52 Any help is greatly appreicated.
54 Thanks.
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