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From: Dan Armak <danarmak@g.o>
To: gentoo-announce@g.o
Cc: gentoo-user@g.o, gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] KDE 3.0 ebuilds available
Date: Thu, 04 Apr 2002 17:55:08
1 Hello everyone,
3 I am glad to announce the long-awaited KDE 3.0! KDE 3.0 ebuilds have now been
4 committed and unmasked. All KDE3 apps have been unmasked as well. Enjoy!
6 Credit and thanks go to all the kde3pre testers, without whom all the anxious
7 users would have had to wait even longer for these ebuilds :-)
9 Users of kde3pre ebuilds, see below. In fact you are all advised to read to
10 the end.
12 Details:
14 1. KDE2 and KDE3 live side by side; select the one you want to log into from
15 kdm.
16 KDE2 apps work under KDE3, but not vice versa.
17 To get antialiasing in KDE2 apps under KDE3, export QT_XFT=true into the KDE2
18 app's environment. Consider placing the export in your .bash_login or other
19 profile.
21 2. Besides the kde-base/ core packages and the kde-i18n packages, many apps
22 have kde3 versions whilch have now been unmasked. Included are:
23 kdevelop-2.1
24 k3b-0.6_pre2
25 kdbg-1.2.5
26 qtella-0.4.1
27 krfb-0.6
28 kio_fish-1.1
29 mosfet-liquid-widgets-0.9.2
30 kbiff-3.6
32 3. Coming soon: koffice-20020404 - a cvs snapshot. The credit on this is
33 Verwilst's. It is far better than the old kde2-based koffice-1.1.1.
34 Unfortunately koffice-2.1 will only be released around August.
36 4. kde3pre users: As you know, the cvs kde3 ebuilds were given 3.0 versions.
37 When you emerge rsync or cvs update, my final kde-3.0 ebuilds will overwrite
38 the cvs ones. To get rid of all old versions, I strongly suggest you emerge
39 rsync --clean.
41 If you have a cvs version of qt ( or emerged, I suggest you
42 unmerge it and merge the portage-standard qt-3.0.3 instead for a clean slate.
44 After things settle down with 3.0, I'll go on maintaining a set of kde cvs
45 ebuilds. No sooner than in a week or more though.
47 --
48 Dan Armak
49 Gentoo Linux developer (KDE)
50 Matan, Israel


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