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From: Mikael Hallendal <hallski@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@××××××××××.org
Cc: desktop@××××××××××.org
Subject: [gentoo-dev] The big Gtk+/GNOME move is finished.
Date: Sun, 07 Oct 2001 15:14:56
Message-Id: 1002489229.10897.22.camel@zoidberg
1 Hi!
3 First of all, sorry fot the turbulense in the portage tree this weekend.
4 It's probably finished now (there can off course be some errors/typos in
5 there). I'll write another email to describe what GNOME/Gtk+ users has
6 to do.
9 New structure of GNOME-stuff:
10 =============================
12 First of all I have restructured GNOME in portage. There are now only
13 two different GNOME categories. Nothing should be added in any of these
14 two categories without consulting me or the current GNOME maintainer at
15 that time. This is because these categories should only contain package
16 in or closly related to the GNOME project (that doesn't include GNOME
17 apps).
19 gnome-base:
20 This is for base/core packages in GNOME. This is the core libraries,
21 gdm (GNOME Display Manager) and Nautilus.
23 gnome-extra:
24 This category conatains apps and libraries that are not being
25 considered a core part of GNOME but very closely related. This
26 involves extra libraries (as GAL, GtkHTML, ...) and some small apps
27 (like mc, gnome-[utils|media|audio|games], battstat).
30 What happend to gnome-[apps|libs|office]:
31 =========================================
33 These categories has been removed. The packages from these categories
34 has been moved to other categories where they belong. The reason for
35 this is that gnome-apps was beginning to get rather big and with not
36 internal categories users would have no way of knowing which packages
37 were editors for example.
40 Everything installs in /usr:
41 ============================
43 As decided everything should now install in /usr. This means that
44 /opt/gnome has been removed. Also libraries and applications that
45 installed in /usr/X11R6 are now installing into /usr aswell.
47 /opt are now intended for binary installs. Like Netscape, acroread,
48 RealPlayer ...
51 Regards,
52 Mikael Hallendal
54 --
56 Mikael Hallendal
57 Gentoo Linux Developer, Desktop Team Leader
58 CodeFactory AB, Stockholm, Sweden