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From: Alexandre Buisse <nattfodd@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] Some LaTeX news
Date: Sat, 14 Jan 2006 13:27:38
Message-Id: 20060114132422.GD7083@ubik
1 Hi,
3 for all of you who have been using latex on gentoo, here are some news
4 on what is currently happening.
6 First of all, we have a new tetex (tetex-3.0_p1). It should have hit the
7 mirrors this morning. This is not an official release from upstream
8 (that would be 3.1) but a snapshot of their development tree that
9 corrects some bugs with the autotools (see bug #113024). If we manage to
10 solve the etex related problems (all the "Fatal error: I'm stymied"), it
11 could be a good candidate for stabilisation.
13 A very exciting package has been added to portage lately, but it's still
14 quite experimental : dev-tex/mpm (only keyworded ~x86 and hard-masked at
15 the moment). It's basically the MikTeX package manager adapted for unix
16 systems. As the texmf tree is always organized in the same way, it can
17 interact with tetex quite nicely. Basically, you tell it which package
18 you want from CTAN and it installs it automatically. It has so far been
19 tested by a few people, including me, and seems to work fine without
20 corrupting anything. However, it needs a lot more testing before even
21 going to ~arch. Please report bugs or success in bug #110494 if you give
22 it a try.
24 And, last but not least, a LaTeX doc began. It's still a very early
25 draft but any (constructive) criticism and help is most welcome. The
26 discussion happens in bug #118405 and the last draft can be found on my
27 devpage (
29 Regards,
30 Alexandre


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