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From: Matthew Jimenez <jimmermouse@×××××××.com>
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Subject: [gentoo-dev] Re: Gentoo for ..... GRANDMA????
Date: Wed, 13 Mar 2002 20:07:33
1 >>hmm
2 >>but GRANDMA is being set in front of a complete ready-to-use-system, and
3 >>doesnt have to install new ebuilds. i dont even think that they want to
4 >>give
5 >>GRANDMA the root password <g>
7 Hell, why bother even allowing it to login. Kill the getty's and dump strait
8 to a root bash :) This can be easily (fairly) done by changing inittab. Just
9 delete the last 5 line that spawn agetty's (Mine only uses 3 getty's... I
10 really don't see why you need six to begin with) and replace the first with
11 /bin/bash. Also, change one of the scripts to startx... hell, I'm not sure,
12 but I think you could even have inittab respawn startx!
14 >>PS: a grandma with root access will have to learn bash, so she can learn
15 >>howto >>update scripts in /etc/init.d too or not? linux always was a
16 >>continual
17 >>learning process, as well as M$ was a continual reboo.... know what i mean
18 >>don't ya? <g>
20 Does grandma have high speed internet? I doubt it. If so, dhcp. Otherwise
21 I'm sure a dial-up script for a modem will work. just make it linked to a
22 button on the desktop.. really, it shouldn't be to hard (tedious, but not
23 hard) to make a gentoo box easy enough for anyone. If not.. buy a mac. LOL.
24 Thanks for the laughs though. Peace.
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