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From: Nick Brown <nicbrown@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] imagemagick forces freetype to be installed
Date: Sat, 10 May 2003 19:45:51
Message-Id: 1052569145.2557.4.camel@localhost.localdomain
If I do;
USE="-X -cups -truetype" emerge -p imagemagick
it still insists on installing freetype!

The below is from the imagemagick .ebuild.
The depend section has 2 lines that specify freetype.
The first unconditionally, and the second conditional on the truetype
USE flag. As can be seen in the compile section if you don't specify
truetype, it turns of support for it.

How do I install imagemagick without installing freetype?
or is the .ebuild broken?


        X? ( virtual/x11
                >=app-text/dgs- )
        cups?   ( >=app-text/ghostscript-6.50 )
        jpeg? ( >=media-libs/jpeg-6b )
        lcms? ( >=media-libs/lcms-1.06 )
        mpeg? ( media-video/mpeg2vidcodec )
        png? ( media-libs/libpng )
        tiff? ( >=media-libs/tiff-3.5.5 )
        xml2? ( >=dev-libs/libxml2-2.4.10 )
        truetype? ( =media-libs/freetype-2* )"

src_compile() {

        local myconf=""
        use X    || myconf="${myconf} --with-x=no"
        use cups || myconf="${myconf} --without-gslib"
        use jpeg || myconf="${myconf} --without-jpeg --without-jp2"
        use lcms || myconf="${myconf} --without-lcms"
        use mpeg || myconf="${myconf} --without-mpeg2"
        use tiff || myconf="${myconf} --without-tiff"
        use xml2 || myconf="${myconf} --without-xml"
        use truetype || myconf="${myconf} --without-ttf"

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