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From: Kalin KOZHUHAROV <kalin@××××××××.net>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] Catalyst{,2} and 2006.0
Date: Tue, 03 Jan 2006 15:49:05
1 Some time ago I sent a mail with the above subject and there was no response... Now I saw it went to
2 the gentoo-server ML :-( /me bad
4 So, resending some thoughts about catalyst here...
6 So far I have played with catalyst, lately catalyst2, since gentoo-1.4 was released. AFAIR, 3 or 4
7 times. More or less it ended up nowhere because of lack of _real_ examples and documentation (seems
8 to be getting better these days) combined with the long times to make a custom install CD starting
9 form stage1. Machines are getting faster and more (as numbers of boxen), distcc and ccache are
10 improving, so the latter problem has also been getting easier.
12 So what about the first problem? Working, real configs for gentoo releases?
13 I am thinking something of the kind, will it be possible/good/easy to start preparing a few configs
14 for the next release (2006.0 right?), complete configs starting from say
15 stage1-x86-2005.1-r1.tar.bz2 (as usually x86 is getting the most beating).
17 BTW, will next release use catalyst or catalyst2?
19 And as a good practice, leave all configs (for some time) in the source of catalyst sot that anybody
20 , more in practice than in theory, can produce an install CD.
22 The political aspect is that some "script kiddies" can start producing/selling/advertising "my 0wn
23 lin'x bootable CD", but hope we can catch them and educate them early that they'd better mention
24 "Gentoo" :-)
26 Customized bootable CD can be used NOT only for:
27 Installing on "strange" hardware
28 Upgrading some part of a release (kernel, gcc, security patches, etc.) quicker for new installs
29 Changing some packages for others as default (vim for nano, iproute2 for ifconfig, mtr for
30 traceroute, etc.)
31 Giving to a (close or girl-) friend to install in a snap on her exotic laptop
32 Making a quick restore CD (this thread was about that)
33 Making a bootable gcc/distcc node (to use those few remaining windoze machines in your office at
34 night, 'cause most don't support PXE netboot)
35 Feel more Gentoo: "optimized and customized for just about any application or need"
36 Make a small print firewall, still based on Gentoo
37 one more reason
38 yet another one
39 [ add your 10 reasons here ]
41 So, what do you think about that?
43 Kalin.
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