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Subject: [gentoo-dev] Internationalisation of (part II)
Date: Thu, 26 Jun 2003 19:49:09
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1 Hello,
3 Following today's discussion on -dev with seemant, klieber and others,
4 it has been suggested that i send an email summing up what could be good
5 in terms of getting an international touch on, so here i am.
7 Whilst the ideal situation would be to have an i18n site in all
8 maintained languages from doc, i've been told it would be impossible for
9 now for several reasons including time constraints and priorities.
11 So it seems that we should move to a single local <country> page summing
12 up links to 'regional' websites and projects. It has also been
13 mentionned that the coordinator of the translators team could be the
14 right candidate to ensure CVS access to such a page which would be
15 maintained by the translation team (one or several people). This is a
16 good beginning to show users that we care for them and such local
17 projects exist.
19 Seemant mentionned that no time can currently be allocated to the i18n
20 aspect of as more important issues are being dealt with. We
21 should however get more feedback and action in roughly a weeks time.
23 Some other translators such as Sergey (svyatogor), Sven (swift) and Bass
24 (José) have already shown their interest in such an initiative. I filled
25 in a bug last saturday here :
28 Hoping that sums it up and more people are interested in the idea, this
29 is now open for suggestions.
31 Steph
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