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From: Duncan <1i5t5.duncan@×××.net>
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Subject: [gentoo-dev] Re: GLEP 42 (Critical News Reporting) round five
Date: Tue, 13 Dec 2005 12:24:24
In Reply to: [gentoo-dev] GLEP 42 (Critical News Reporting) round five by Ciaran McCreesh
1 Ciaran McCreesh posted <20051213032043.55a6e40f@××××××××.home>, excerpted
2 below, on Tue, 13 Dec 2005 03:20:43 +0000:
4 > Ok, new draft. Changes are as follows:
5 []
6 > * Changed /var/lib/portage to /var/lib/gentoo
8 OK, I must have missed the reason for that, and it isn't listed in one of
9 your "a previous version" notes, unless I missed that too. <g>
11 Assuming the reason wasn't contrary to this (which it probably is,
12 but...), why not /var/lib/portage/news/gentoo? If I read jstubbs'
13 suggestion correctly, the "gentoo" would then serve as the repo name (in
14 place of magic-chicken, altho as he proposed it, that would be part of the
15 filename, not the directory the file is in) as well -- he said naming the
16 current/default repo "gentoo" was sufficient.
18 > * Added emerge --ask thingie
20 > Checks for new news messages should be displayed:
21 []
22 > * After an ``emerge --pretend``
23 []
24 > * Before an ``emerge --ask <target>`` sequence
26 Wouldn't it be less confusing if the news warning appeared in the same
27 place, relative to the package listing, in both of these? Isn't an emerge
28 --ask just the output of pretend, with a confirmation pinned to the end?
29 Shouldn't it continue to be that, at least in concept?
31 > * is now mandatory for interactive clients, and ignored for
32 > gateway clients
34 > When a news item is read, its name should be removed from the
35 > ``news-magic-chicken.unread`` file. If a news client acts as an
36 > interactive reader rather than a gateway, it should then add the name to
37 > a ```` file in the same directory with the same
38 > file format (again, ``magic-chicken`` should be a wildcard rather than
39 > hardcoded).
41 First, the change outline doesn't state what the result actually was, in
42 the GLEP. Mandatory would require a MUST (or a similar statement that it's
43 mandatory), while the GLEP words it as a SHOULD. Or is "should" not to be
44 taken in the usual RFC meaning, but rather as an RFC "MUST"?
46 Second but related, the first time I read thru it, I somehow missed the
47 "rather than a gateway" part. Upon rereading, I saw it (obviously), but
48 the effect of the present wording is to deemphasize the "gateway" clause,
49 as well as the "read" file. If it's truly a MUST, then the "read" file
50 deserves equal treatment with the "unread" file, probably by introducing
51 the two as a pair, then treating them in parallel thru most of the other
52 references.
54 (IOW, the read file and its requirement for interactive clients currently
55 appears to be the afterthought it in fact was, without that fact
56 being recognized, which doesn't particularly positively impress,
57 quality-wise.)
59 Third, recall from the discussion of an earlier draft, someone mentioned
60 the multiple meaning of read (as here) vs. "read" (as in README). The
61 suggestion to avoid that ambiguity was "seen" and "unseen". Another might
62 be (un)viewed. I'm not sure this is a big enough issue to matter much,
63 particularly with "unread" there as well, to influence the context, but as
64 I don't recall that point being addressed, I thought I'd mention it here.
66 > Read the whole thing before commenting please.
68 I did.
70 FWIW & IMO... Your tenacity and attention to detail are both extremely
71 good qualities to have in someone doing a GLEP. Few have the attention to
72 detail and self-standards necessary, and I fear many that do would give up
73 due to the barrage of criticism (hopefully all constructive <g>) these
74 things get. Do keep up the good work! IMO, you are /far/ better at it
75 than most would be, and the resulting GLEP will ultimately be the better
76 for it!
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