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From: Thomas Sachau <tommy@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: GLEP draf for cross-compile support in multilib profiles (was: Re: [gentoo-dev] Re: spec draft for cross-compile support in future EAPI (EAPI-5))
Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2012 14:32:27
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-dev] Re: spec draft for cross-compile support in future EAPI (EAPI-5) by Brian Harring
Brian Harring schrieb:
> > You need a glep here frankly; per the norm, if you want things to move > faster, then put in time- aka, generate a patch against PMS, write a > patch for portage, etc, you get the idea. The bit re: a PMS patch is > mostly that in looking at your proposal... well, I personally don't > want to write that patch (nor do I suspect ulm/ciaran do either).
As written earlier, a patch for portage exists already (just the diff between multilib and master branch of portage). Now, in addition, a GLEP draft for cross-compile support in multilib-portage.
> > One thing to note; this has been posted for all of 2-3 days; that's > not exactly much time for 1) people to comment, 2) people to frankly > comprehend the quite dense description you wrote.
This may be true, but as you may have seen afterwards, beside the responses to my mail about planned council asking, there have not been any further responses, so the relatively short time since my mail doesnt seem like the reason for missing responses.
> > Please write a glep covering details of the implementation, > background, preferablly why this route over others. Bluntly... clue > everyone else in rather than hoping they'll just sign off on a fairly > opaque list of things. :) It'll be useful for dev education also- > which is a bit of a requirement for stuff of this sort considering > it's not going to be a magic deploy/shit works everywhere situation I > suspect.
See attached GLEP draft.
> > Would also be useful getting commentary from crossdev folk considering > your solution is intended to be (best I can tell) full cross > compilation support, and they've been leading that front for many, > many years.
There is an important difference between my cross-compile support for multilib profiles and crossdev: My suggestion works with the default toolchain, which itself is able to cross-compile for other targets (like the amd64/multilib gcc is able to create 32bit libs), while crossdev is using a different toolchain for the targets. Of course, if someone from crossdev maintainers wants to comment, he is free to do so. -- Thomas Sachau Gentoo Linux Developer


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