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From: "Mathijs Kwik (-=TRoXX=-)" <troxx@××××××××.nl>
To: gentoo-dev@××××××××××.org
Subject: [gentoo-dev] GCC 3
Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2001 08:26:05
Message-Id: 002801c0f803$a11bfc10$
1 It's released! --> GCC-3.0
3 did anyone use it to build gentoo yet (the cvs versions) ?
6 I will also very soon post a script that will allow you to REALLY build from
7 scratch... so not to the live-system, but to some sub-dir, or partition...
8 I'm testing it and it seems to build fine... what you'll end up with is a
9 perfect version of achim's build-tarball... the problem with the current
10 tarball is that to force a rebuild, achim removed the /var/db/pkg/ dir...
11 which has the nasty disadvantage of losing info about the version
12 installed... so after a rebuild (bootstrap, emerge system) you are left with
13 some shit from old versions of packages (example : vim-5.7 was included in
14 build-tarball... but a rebuild will install 5.8 and leaves the
15 old(to-be-removed) 5.7 stuff in place)
17 a cool side-possibility of my script might be (not sure) that if you use a
18 cross-compiler (never used 1, so maybe I'm wrong) you can get gentoo to work
19 on different architectures...
21 well... you'll see soon ;)
24 bye
25 /Mathijs


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