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From: Kent Fredric <kentfredric@×××××.com>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-dev] Undocumented and unused USE variables
Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2012 13:02:28
In Reply to: [gentoo-dev] Undocumented and unused USE variables by Christoph Niethammer
1 On 17 March 2012 01:05, Christoph Niethammer
2 <christoph.niethammer@××××××××××.com> wrote:
3 > Hello.
6 quse -D amd64 consolekit declarative gdu kipi mudflap nptlonly pango
7 phonon pppd qt3support sysfs xorg
9 arch:amd64: amd64 architecture
11 local:consolekit:app-emulation/spice-vdagent: Use sys-auth/consolekit
12 to determine the master vdagentd in case of multiple running vdagentds
13 (highly recommended)
14 local:consolekit:gnome-base/gdm: Allow proper handling of removable
15 media according to who is actually present on the machine.
16 local:consolekit:kde-base/kdm: Enables support for authorization
17 using consolekit
18 local:consolekit:kde-misc/networkmanagement: Enable support for
19 sys-auth/consolekit
20 local:consolekit:lxde-base/lxdm: Enables support for authorization
21 using consolekit
22 local:consolekit:net-wireless/bluez: Use sys-auth/pambase[consolekit]
23 to determine access to bluetooth devices based on whether a user is
24 logged in locally or remotely
25 local:consolekit:sys-auth/pambase: Enable pam_ck_connector module on
26 local system logins. This allows for console logins to make use of
27 ConsoleKit authorization.
28 local:consolekit:x11-apps/xdm: Enable native sys-auth/consolekit support
29 local:consolekit:x11-misc/slim: Enable native consolekit support
30 local:consolekit:xfce-base/xfce4-session: Enable authentication
31 support using sys-auth/consolekit
33 local:declarative:dev-python/PyQt4: Build QtDeclarative module
34 local:declarative:dev-python/pyside: Build QtDeclarative module
35 local:declarative:kde-base/kdebindings-perl: Compile bindings for
36 x11-libs/qt-declarative.
37 local:declarative:kde-base/kdebindings-ruby: Compile bindings for
38 x11-libs/qt-declarative.
39 local:declarative:kde-base/perlqt: Compile bindings for
40 x11-libs/qt-declarative.
41 local:declarative:kde-base/qtruby: Compile bindings for
42 x11-libs/qt-declarative.
43 local:declarative:kde-base/smoke: Compile bindings for x11-libs/qt-declarative.
44 local:declarative:kde-base/smokeqt: Compile bindings for
45 x11-libs/qt-declarative.
47 local:gdu:gnome-base/gvfs: Enable sys-apps/gnome-disk-utility integration
49 local:kipi:kde-base/gwenview: Support for the KDE Image Plugin Interface.
50 local:kipi:kde-base/ksnapshot: Support for the KDE Image Plugin Interface.
51 local:kipi:media-gfx/kphotoalbum: Support for the KDE Image Plugin Interface
53 local:mudflap:dev-embedded/msp430-gcc: Add support for mudflap, a
54 pointer use checking library
55 local:mudflap:sys-devel/gcc: Add support for mudflap, a pointer use
56 checking library
58 local:pango:app-i18n/fcitx: Enable support for x11-libs/pango
59 local:pango:media-gfx/fontforge: Enable pango font rendering
60 local:pango:media-gfx/imagemagick: Enable Pango support using x11-libs/pango
61 local:pango:media-libs/cogl: Build cogl-pango library for
62 x11-libs/pango integration
63 local:pango:media-libs/silgraphite: Enables the pango-graphite pango module.
64 local:pango:media-sound/abcm2ps: Use the pango library to render
65 fonts with non-latin characters
66 local:pango:sys-boot/plymouth: Adds support for printing text on
67 splash screen and text prompts, e.g. for password
68 local:pango:x11-libs/libaosd: Enable the textual helpers (requires pangocairo).
69 local:pango:x11-libs/libmatchbox: Enable x11-libs/pango support
70 local:pango:x11-wm/enlightenment: Enable pango font rendering
71 local:pango:x11-wm/sawfish: Enable pango support
73 local:phonon:dev-python/PyQt4: Build phonon module
74 local:phonon:dev-python/pyside: Build phonon module
75 local:phonon:kde-base/kdebindings-csharp: Compile bindings for Phonon.
76 local:phonon:kde-base/kdebindings-perl: Compile bindings for Phonon.
77 local:phonon:kde-base/kdebindings-ruby: Compile bindings for Phonon.
78 local:phonon:kde-base/perlqt: Compile bindings for Phonon.
79 local:phonon:kde-base/qtruby: Compile bindings for Phonon.
80 local:phonon:kde-base/qyoto: Compile bindings for Phonon.
81 local:phonon:kde-base/smoke: Compile bindings for Phonon.
82 local:phonon:kde-base/smokeqt: Compile bindings for Phonon.
83 local:phonon:net-im/kadu: Enables phonon audio plugin
84 local:phonon:net-irc/kvirc: Support Phonon for audio output
85 local:phonon:net-irc/quassel: Build client with phonon backend
86 support. This enables sound playback in client.
87 local:phonon:x11-libs/qt-qt3support: Enable phonon configuration
88 dialog in qtconfig
90 local:pppd:net-dialup/capi4k-utils: Installs pppdcapiplugin modules
92 local:qt3support:x11-libs/qt-assistant: Enable the Qt3Support
93 libraries for Qt4. Note that this does not mean you can compile pure
94 Qt3 programs with Qt4.
95 local:qt3support:x11-libs/qt-core: Enable the Qt3Support libraries
96 for Qt4. Note that this does not mean you can compile pure Qt3
97 programs with Qt4.
98 local:qt3support:x11-libs/qt-declarative: Enable the Qt3Support
99 libraries for Qt4. Note that this does not mean you can compile pure
100 Qt3 programs with Qt4.
101 local:qt3support:x11-libs/qt-demo: Enable the Qt3Support libraries
102 for Qt4. Note that this does not mean you can compile pure Qt3
103 programs with Qt4.
104 local:qt3support:x11-libs/qt-gui: Enable the Qt3Support libraries for
105 Qt4. Note that this does not mean you can compile pure Qt3 programs
106 with Qt4.
107 local:qt3support:x11-libs/qt-meta: Enable the Qt3Support library for Qt4
108 local:qt3support:x11-libs/qt-opengl: Enable the Qt3Support libraries for Qt4
109 local:qt3support:x11-libs/qt-openvg: Enable the Qt3Support libraries for Qt4
110 local:qt3support:x11-libs/qt-phonon: Enable the Qt3Support libraries
111 for Qt4. Note that this does not mean you can compile pure Qt3
112 programs with Qt4.
113 local:qt3support:x11-libs/qt-sql: Enable the Qt3Support libraries for Qt4
115 local:xorg:x11-base/xorg-server: Build the Xorg X server (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)
117 qfile $( which quse )
118 app-portage/portage-utils (/usr/bin/quse)
120 <3 portage-utils, I know they're not standard, but I've always found
121 them faster/more useful than their e* equivalents I can never remember
122 the name for.
126 --
127 Kent
129 perl -e  "print substr( \"edrgmaM  SPA NOcomil.ic\\@tfrken\", \$_ * 3,
130 3 ) for ( 9,8,0,7,1,6,5,4,3,2 );"