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Subject: RE: [gentoo-dev] making %95 of users happy
Date: Fri, 19 Apr 2002 12:57:58
1 > Perhaps this will work itself out all by itself. When Gentoo 1.2 is
2 > released and the make.profile is changed to point at the default-1.2
3 > profile, the bleeding edgers can use that while the more conservative
4 > keep their link to 1.0 Thinking about it, this is probably the ultimate
5 > solution, its just not apparent right now since Gentoo is so young, and
6 > the only available option is to use the 1.0 profile. When there is a
7 > choice, the current version profile will be bleeding edge, while the
8 > previous version will only be updated with major fixes, and will become
9 > the "stable" release.
11 DISCLAIMER: I'm intentionally being rude... it helps convey my message.
12 *smile* I now return you to your regularly scheduled rant.
14 First and foremost, I agree with the person who stated the above %100.
16 Second, And I quote from the paragraph above, "its just not apparent right
17 now since Gentoo is so young, and the only available option is to use the 1.0
18 profile."
20 Being so young, the documentation, the sence of community, the code (albeit
21 in this case a 1.0 is quite nice. Kudos guys!), everything about the Gentoo
23 7.2 mean to you? Or 8.1? What does 1.1 mean to you?
25 I guess some people just jumped head first into Gentoo without knowing what
26 they were getting into. (The middle of a development cycle... that just
27 never ends.)
29 Now, Consider the previous statement a direct *POKE* at the people I refer to
30 as lusers. Did they read the documentation? Did the read the part about
31 profiles? Did they bother to learn about profiles so they can start fixing
32 problems themselves and submit errors to ?? Do they
33 realize these collections of code known as packages are being written by
34 people NOT DEVELOPING GENTOO (some exceptions may apply)? Do they realize
35 the ebuild scripts, emerge, ebuild, the installer, initscripts, etc are what
36 Gentoo really is?
38 Admittedly profiles aren't as 'slick' as they could be... but some people
39 just need a reality check. [end of luser rant]
41 When you thinking about the 'Subject: ' field of this thread... How many
42 users are capable of being an effective Gentoo user? Who is the Gentoo
43 distributions target audience? Now if you consider the number of people in
44 that target audience vs the number of people who jumped head first into
45 Gentoo without knowing what they were getting into... %95 seems to me to be
46 about the right ratio. Admittedly I'm just guessing.
48 If you want to make those users falling into the middle of a never-ending
49 development cycle due to ignorance, the depenancy issue (aka DLL Hell) must
50 be able to be presented to lusers in a manner that lusers can deal with.
51 Preaching patience to those users will not get them to shut up. [end of
52 developer rant]
54 With all that being said... let the flames begin!
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58 "To thine own self be true." - Shakespeare
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