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From: "Martin C. Petersen" <martin@××××××××××××.dk>
To: gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: Re: [gentoo-dev] Emerge trouble
Date: Mon, 10 Jun 2002 15:47:24
In Reply to: [gentoo-dev] Emerge trouble by Eugenia Loli-Queru
1 Eugenia Loli-Queru wrote:
3 > Guys, someone please *tar.gz or zip* for me your /usr/bin/emerge file
4 > and send it over to my email account! Please do not send it as is,
5 > because my hotmail account will try to render it instead of download
6 > it "cleanly".
7 > I opened mine with KEdit to change the rsync path and it got nuked
8 > because of word wrapping and other problems, so I am now completely
9 > stuck without it.. :o
11 You should set the rsync path in make.conf..
13 Regarding the broken emerge check out
14 /usr/portage/sys-apps/portage/files for a rescue tarball.
17 - Martin