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From: troxx@××××××××.nl
To: gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] some additions to portage/ebuild and some other nice thingys i'dd like :)
Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2001 12:10:18
1 Hiya all,
3 Just a few things i'dd like to see in RC5 (or earlier):
4 at this point there are a few reason's why the system can get un-optimized or just not-working.
5 One reason is that if libraries get updated that were STATICALLY linked in other packages, those packages don't get rebuilt automatically... this is not good. So packages that depend on it should be rebuilt... But there is one thing to think about... it's NOT always needed... for example if perl gets updated we don't want all packages that depend on it to get updated... so there has to be a flag in the ebuild-files that specifies wheter or not a package needs to be rebuilt if a dependancy gets updated... so for example add a ! to the dependancy-name...
6 Then the ebuild update command will have to walk through all packages and look if any !marked dependancies got updated... and if so, rebuild the package... the reason why i'dd like ebuild update to do it is that i don't want to do it automatically if i update some library... takes to much time(and it means ebuild will have to search through the entire db every time)
8 The second reason why the system gets unoptimized or uncomplete is due to changes in the USE variable...
9 Of cource we don't want the entire system to be rebuilt after echt USE-change... so we need "ebuild update" to remember the previous state of USE, and compare it to the current one. And after that it should rebuild ONLY the packages that are affected. For this another enhancement to ebuild-files is needed... a field to specify what USE-parameters affect the package (this also allows nice GUI's in the future to ask you if you want to toggle some USE-switches if you select the package).
12 Another thing that would be nice is a way to see if packages got updated (not ebuild-files, but real sources).
13 This would allow people to easily see what ebuild-files have to be updated...
14 I know rock-linux allready has the script for it (to check on source-locations, for ALL versions available) which can be modified to check for NEWER versions only...
16 I'm sorry for bugging about missing things i'dd like to see... It's not that I'm too lazy to implement them myself, I would love to... but I need some practise on scripting for now...
17 Just think those additions would make gentoo really the king of distributions :)
19 bye!
20 /troxx