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From: Curtis Napier <curtis119@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] Status Reports
Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2006 20:31:46
1 As part of an initiative to keep our users up to date the User Relations
2 Project is going to feature a yearly "Status of Gentoo" article in the
3 GWN (hopefully a series of articles if we can gather enough
4 information). This will entail getting all the projects to ensure their
5 respective /proj page is up-to-date and creating a (short) status report.
7 I ask everyone to please look at the Project Listing[1] and do a few things:
9 1) Follow the link to the project homepage of any project you are a
10 member of - make sure the project page is up-to-date. Things to look for
11 are: members, description, tasks, sub-projects, leads, resources.
13 Please correct any information that is wrong. If you don't want to fool
14 with the xml then submit your changes as plain text directly to
15 curtis119@g.o and I will take care of updating it for you.
17 If you update it yourself or if it is already up-to-date please make
18 sure to email[2] us or ping curtis119 on irc to let us know.
20 2) If you are a lead of any project please submit a 1-3 paragraph status
21 report (or assign it to a member of your project who shows interest) to
22 User Relations[2].
24 The status report should include one paragraph (more if you can) about
25 each of the following: what the project has accomplished in the past
26 year, what the project is presently working on and any plans the project
27 may have for the future.
29 You can also include any other facts about the project you wish. The
30 more information you give the better it is for our users.
32 Some projects have recently submitted status reports on this list over
33 the last 2 months, if you are one of those projects please resend the
34 report to us[2].
36 To make it as simple as possible please submit your report as plain text
37 and we will do the guideXML formatting.
39 I will give everyone a few weeks to do this and then I will start
40 pinging on irc, sending emails and generally being a pain in the rear end.
43 Thanks in advance
45 --curtis119 and the User Relations Project
48 [1]
49 [2] user-relations@g.o


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