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From: Joshua Brindle <method@g.o>
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Subject: Re: [gentoo-dev] Compaq - HP Server Management drivers and agents.
Date: Sat, 31 May 2003 18:06:09
1 Actually I would.. I run gentoo on all Compaq proliants including
2 ml 350, ml 370's, dl 360's and dl 380's..
4 Our main servers are on dl 380's, does this software work on those?
5 That'd be optimal since that is what we'll be using at least for the
6 time being for most of our servers. Also.. If you'd like
7 the ebuild in portage (and i'd be happy to do it once it's fixed up)
8 please write a bug, you can assign it directly to me if you wish.
10 Thanks..
13 >To all of those who are running Compaq/HP Proliant servers I have attached an
14 >initial ebuild. The hpasm- file is based off the
15 >hpasm-6.30.0-12.Redhat8_0.i386.rpm but had to be signifcantly changed.
16 >So far it works on a DL360 G1 and G2 (shows the temps, fan speed, and logs)
17 >but I had to make a considerable amount of changes to get it to work cleanly
18 >due to tons of files using rc.d in there paths. What I was wondering is if
19 >anyone else who has a proliant server running gentoo would like to help out
20 >in testing and improving the ebuild?
21 >
22 >Eventually I would also like to get the storage, network, survey, array
23 >config, and any other software working.
26 Joshua Brindle
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