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From: Aron Griffis <agriffis@g.o>
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Subject: [gentoo-dev] [ Re: 64-bit.eclass]
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 2003 19:07:46
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1 I think it's important all developers see this, so I'm forwarding it to
2 gentoo-core and gentoo-dev... (I'm referring to the text from Daniel,
3 not necessarily the fact that I screwed up ;-)
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7 From: Daniel Robbins <drobbins@g.o>
8 Organization: Gentoo Technologies, Inc.
9 Date: Wed, 10 Dec 2003 18:02:35 -0700
10 To: Aron Griffis <agriffis@g.o>
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12 Subject: Re: 64-bit.eclass
14 On Wed, 2003-12-10 at 17:03, Aron Griffis wrote:
15 > Hi all,
16 >
17 > I committed 64-bit.eclass today which contains a single function:
18 > 64-bit. The point is to be able to recognize when you're building for a
19 > 64-bit architecture in a way where we can change the implementation as
20 > needed.
22 OK, there are a couple of problems with this approach:
24 1) Adding -fPIC to the compile flags makes all the code relocatable,
25 which is not the "right" solution for many packages (unless they are
26 pure libraries)
28 2) Lack of -fPIC is not a 64-bit issue in the first place, so there's no
29 reason to have a "fix" associated with 64-bit.eclass. The problems tend
30 to pop up on non-x86 systems, but it's really the fault of the Makefiles
31 in these packages. The shipped Makefiles may (barely) work on x86, but
32 they are not valid for non-x86 systems.
34 The Makefiles happen to "work" on x86 because x86 supports non-PIC
35 shared libraries, but it can only support them by doing text relocs.
37 When a non-PIC shared library is used on x86, the dynamic loader is
38 forced to create a private in-memory copy of the lib for every process
39 using the library (after fixing up addresses in each copy so it can be
40 used.) This means that if a package breaks during compile due to no
41 -fPIC on alpha, ia64 and amd64, it also happens to be wasting a lot of
42 memory on x86 (but nevertheless, the library does "work" on x86, even
43 though it's technically broken.)
45 The correct solution is to:
47 1) find the specific sources where -fPIC is needed (and this should just
48 be in cases of library code, not executables)
50 2) make a patch to the Makefile/configure stuff to add -fPIC to these
51 areas only.
53 3) send patch upstream to fix their standard build scripts
55 4) Use the patch on *all* architectures, including x86 (to avoid the
56 text-reloc/memory wastage issue on x86)
58 Then you have the right solution.
60 Then, the problem is really fixed. Virtually all of the -fPIC issues can
61 be tracked down to a bad Makefile. Again, it isn't a 64-bit or
62 arch-specific quirk, but an issue of a broken Makefile, so the solution
63 needs to be focused on fixing the Makefile for all arches.
65 Regards,
67 Daniel
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