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Subject: [gentoo-dev] Re: Re: New lists and their usage
Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2007 08:52:04
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In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-dev] Re: New lists and their usage by Chris Gianelloni
1 Chris Gianelloni wrote:
3 >> Yeah, you should take that to -project or some other suitable list :P
4 >
5 > Once some consensus is made and it actually becomes policy, sure. Until
6 > then, I'm going to continue to use this list for the same things it's
7 > been used for up until now. Once we've agreed upon how the lists should
8 > be used, then I see no issue with using them that way, meaning *this*
9 > conversation does belong here, as there's been no consensus amongst our
10 > developer pool, nor a completed Council decision to change the policy.
11 >
12 Well I think there's been a consensus that project is for non-technical
13 discussion. Usage policy for lists would seem to fall under that.
15 > Like I said, the two proposals I had seen were:
16 >
17 > - gentoo-dev-announce
18 > - gentoo-project
19 >
20 > I hadn't seen anyone asking for both, so we've now got to figure out
21 > whether to drop one list or repurpose one of them. Personally, I'm for
22 > repurposing gentoo-dev-announce to be a global "development" announce
23 > list with no reply-to munging/filtering and developer-only posting. I
24 > think doing this would be complimentary to gentoo-project and would be
25 > useful to me, allowing me to know about conversations on other lists and
26 > allowing *me* to *choose* when I want to participate, which is a vast
27 > improvement from what we have had until now.
28 >
29 That sounds like an effective use of dev-announce, although it would make
30 more sense to keep it as pure announcements, which would mean reply-to
31 would be dev. Otherwise, it could become the public dev-only mailing list
32 which was proposed for this list, and there was definitely no consensus
33 established for that move.
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