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From: Bruno Miguel <brunomiguel@×××××××.pt>
To: gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] little question (maybe stupid)
Date: Tue, 25 Jun 2002 21:55:32
Message-Id: 3D193B2C.20425.33AB93@localhost
1 Please, do not take this a flame or anything, *it isn't*.
3 I started to get interested in gentoo when a friend of mine, that knows that I mainly use
4 FreeBSD, told me that I should try out gentoo due to its phylosophy. This came up,
5 because I said I would probably have to use linux in the meantime due to Samba.
7 Anyway, it looks interesting and opens new horizons for linux imho. Though, one
8 question remains a mistery for me: can we full upgrade the system, or are we stuck, as
9 with every linux, with the stock binary install ? I mean, instead of a "make buildworld",
10 can we upgrade the "world" package, from src ?
12 This is a must for me, as I mainly work from home, and I'd hate to go some place just to
13 upgrade a server via cd or anything similar.
15 Congrats on an interesting linux :-]
17 ...:-=>> The freaking Mail Band <<=-:...
18 hununu@×××××××.pt
19 D.E.Q. @ I.S.T. - Portugal


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