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From: Zach Forrest <diatribe@××××.ca>
To: gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] KUSE....
Date: Wed, 26 Dec 2001 15:36:01
1 I'm just working on adding a couple of optional patches to the latest
2 linux-sources ebuild, one of which is a patch to use the BeOS file
3 system. Now, I know this is going to see very little interest, but I
4 like to have it. Is there a reason that, instead of using USE flags in
5 the linux-sources ebuild, one has to uncomment a patch version to enable
6 a feature like mosix? This seems less elegant that USE flags.
8 One thing that I'd like to see is a KUSE variable for kernel specific
9 customizations. So, my KUSE variable might look like:
11 KUSE="xfs acpi lowlatency preemptive grsecurity befs"
13 I think there are some valid arguments for keeping kernel specific flags
14 isolated from the rest of the system (though it isn't a requirement, of
15 course). Using a KUSE varaible (or just USE) would make the
16 linux-sources ebuild both more consistent with the rest of the system
17 and make customization much more elegant (rather that having to
18 uncomment a line in each new ebuild, I need only specify the options I
19 desire once in make.conf).
21 In Debian, make-kpkg was a nice tool, but having the kernel sources
22 downloaded and patched the way you want in one step is without equal.
24 Nne flaw with this proposal would be any overlap in the USE and KUSE
25 variables. For example, gradm is needed to work with the ACL system in
26 grsecurity, so do I need to specify "grsecurity" in one or both of the
27 variables? One way avoid having to duplicates is for "userspace" ebulds
28 to chech both USE and KUSE and have the linux-sources only check KUSE
29 (which, of course, could be transparent -- `use x` checks both USE and
30 KUSE, where `kuse x` only checks KUSE). I personally like the idea of
31 isolating the parameters for the kernel, but there is also an argument
32 for only having USE.
34 Thoughts?
36 - Zach


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