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From: Kurt Lieber <klieber@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] GLEP #15 - a gentoo script repository.
Date: Wed, 15 Oct 2003 15:57:35
1 I missed the original thread on this GLEP, so apologies for the delay in
2 responding.
4 For those who missed the original discussion as well, please see this
5 thread:
9 So, let me start by saying that I support the idea behind this GLEP, though
10 I would like to see some modifications made and some questions answered
11 before approving it.
13 Some comments in no particular order:
15 * I dislike the idea of making this a plain page. For it to be effective,
16 I think it needs to have some searching and filtering capabilities
17 straight away.
19 One thing I'm not willing to do is simply throw a page up there and let
20 people start contributing scripts. This will *quickly* become
21 unmanageable and unusable. If we're going to do this, we need to design
22 it correctly from the start.
24 * Rather than including this in another project page, such as tools or
25 base, I'd rather see this as a standalone application, personally. Say,
26 This is largely a personal preference and I'm open
27 to discussing it, however. I just feel that this doesn't fit neatly into
28 the mandate of tools and/or base and it would see more use as a
29 standalone app similar to the (now dead, but soon to be reborn)
30 Other projects could link to specific sections from
31 their pages as they wished.
33 * "A scripts@g.o email alias would be setup and forwarded to the
34 team that will accept and publish these scripts to the website."
36 Who is this team? This needs to be in place and functioning before this
37 GLEP can be approved.
39 * In addition to being divided by task, this app also needs to be able to
40 filter by language (python, shell, perl, etc.) See the first bullet
41 point.
43 * There need to be standards and guidelines on what is required to have a
44 script be included in the repository. Chief among these standards must
45 be documentation about how the script works, what it does, any special
46 requirements, etc.
48 * I would really, really like to see some sort of interactive application
49 where users could make comments on various scripts. For a perfect
50 example of what I'm referring to, see PHP's documentaion:
54 Specifically, the user contributed notes at the bottom. IMO, I think
55 this is the perfect interface for a type application.
57 * Who all is going to build this? The folks behind the scripts@g.o
58 alias? Someone else?
60 So, basically, I think the idea is great and am willing to support it from
61 an infrastructure perspective. If there are people willing to devote the
62 elbow grease necessary to put this together, then great.
64 --kurt