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From: Anant Narayanan <anant@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] Introducing D into the tree
Date: Fri, 09 Mar 2007 09:55:59
1 Hi All,
3 I'm currently in the process of introducing a bunch of ebuilds
4 related to the D programming language into the tree. I'll begin with
5 the binary compiler provided by Digital Mars and then move onto the
6 GCC based compiler.
8 1) The dev-lang/dmd-bin ebuild will be fairly straightforward with
9 the compiler going into /opt. I'm using an env.d entry to modify the
10 user's path (much like ghc-bin), but I notice that the naming
11 convention in /etc/env.d is seemingly random. I can't really think of
12 what 2 digit prefix would be most appropriate prefix for DMD.
14 2) The dev-lang/d-gcc ebuild would require more thought. I notice the
15 following line in toolchain.eclass:
17 > # support for the D language
18 > [[ -n ${D_VER} ]] && \
19 > GCC_SRC_URI="${GCC_SRC_URI} d? ( mirror://sourceforge/dgcc/
20 > gdc-${D_VER}-src.tar.bz2 )"
22 I'd appreciate it if one of the toolchain ninjas could clarify their
23 stance on D :)
24 The toolchain eclass seems to be most appropriate for this ebuild.
25 However, if it turns out that toolchain.eclass requires some changes
26 to support D it may be better to go in for a seperate eclass like dev-
27 lang/gnat-gcc. Or even better, create a common eclass for all the 3rd
28 party GCC frontends.
30 3) There are quite of a few D applications out there that I'd like to
31 add support for. Examples are DUI (D bindings to Gtk, leds (an IDE)
32 and Tango (a general purpose library). However, for this to happend,
33 we need a virtual for the D compiler.
35 Thoughts, suggestions, comments and criticisms invited :)
37 Cheers,
38 --
39 Anant
40 --
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