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From: Matt Tucker <tuck@×××××××××××××.net>
To: gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] Portage config auto-update
Date: Fri, 07 Feb 2003 04:02:44
1 I've implemented a new feature for Portage which alters the way it
2 handles config-protected files. Instead of creating ._cfg????_* files,
3 it copies installed config files to a tree under
4 /var/cache/edb/config_protect, keeping a separate copy for each version
5 installed and cleaning out old versions as config files are updated
6 (using etc-update).
8 I've attached it to bug #4709 (auto config-update feature)
9 <>, which seemed to be the
10 most relevant.
12 This allows for better upgrading by allowing Portage to automatically
13 replace unchanged config files or even auto-merging new changes into
14 altered config files (ala CVS), as well as allowing etc-update to
15 support 3-way merges (using diff3 or Emacs).
17 Briefly, the patch implements the following features:
19 * Alter config file handling (keeping current versions).
20 * Auto-migrate ._cfg files to new structure during Portage upgrade.
21 * Auto-replace unchanged config files when new versions are
22 installed.
23 * New FEATURE config_automerge tells Portage to automatically merge
24 config file changes into the current file. Finding a conflict
25 aborts this merge.
26 * Implement etc-update in python.
27 * Fully implement 'menu' mode in etc-update (using dialog).
28 Requires pythondialog
29 <>.
30 * Support 3-way diffs/merges in etc-update.
32 A couple things I didn't do:
34 * Cache MD5 sums for installed config files. While it does take a
35 bit of time to recalculate this during an upgrade, it seems to be
36 a minimal part of the overall install process. And this would be
37 easy to implement if it were felt to be necessary.
38 * Support config files being renamed between versions (ie,
39 /etc/apache/apache.conf -> /etc/apache/conf/apache.conf).
41 However, I think this patch gets us most of the way to having a much
42 better config management system. I've been running this for about a
43 week now and I love it.
45 If people could test this out and let me know how it looks, whether
46 they have any problems, what they think of the new behavior, etc., I'd
47 appreciate it. I'd love to see this get added to the standard
48 distribution as soon as possible. And this is my first attempt at doing
49 anything in Python, so please be gentle. ;-)
51 BE AWARE that the ebuild will automatically run
52 /usr/lib/portage/bin/migrate-config on pkg_postinst to move ._cfg*
53 files to the new structure. If you don't trust it to do this properly
54 (or just want them copied instead), be sure to edit the ebuild before
55 you run it.
57 One other thing I wanted to point out is that I renamed to
58 portage/ and added the new functionality in
59 portage/ This change will allow the portage module to
60 eventually be broken up into separate smaller modules. I think this
61 would be a good thing from a maintenance standpoint.
64 --
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