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From: Tim Harder <radhermit@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] pkgdev: an alternative to `repoman commit`
Date: Sat, 27 Feb 2021 14:50:19
Message-Id: YDpcI5pAVxB5yFcU@fir
1 Hi all,
3 Finally responding to all the requests, I've hacked up an initial
4 alternative to repoman's commit functionality in the form of pkgdev [1]
5 that uses pkgcheck's API behind the scenes. The project is meant to grow
6 into a collection of tools for Gentoo development and maintenance, but
7 initially supports `pkgdev commit` and `pkgdev push` that should work
8 for a basic git workflow on ebuild repos.
10 In essence, `pkgdev commit` wraps `git add` and `git commit`
11 functionality along with supporting GLEP 66 style message prefixes for
12 any committed files across an ebuild repo. Package manifests are also
13 regenerated and added automatically for any targeted pkg commits.
15 QA scanning is done on `pkgdev push` (not per `pkgdev commit` call) so
16 knowing/learning how to interactively `git rebase` is currently
17 essential to the workflow. Probably the main thing lacking is good docs
18 for the workflow that pkgdev envisions as it differs slightly from the
19 one used with repoman.
21 Feel free to respond with questions, ideas, or flames. If you want to
22 give it a shot, I believe a live ebuild for it has already been added to
23 the tree at dev-util/pkgdev. Also, please open issues on the upstream
24 project if you run into bugs or have feature requests.
26 Thanks,
27 Tim
29 [1]: