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From: Jonathan Callen <abcd@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] Re: Locale check in python_pkg_setup()
Date: Sat, 31 Jul 2010 23:30:26
In Reply to: Re: [gentoo-dev] Locale check in python_pkg_setup() by James Cloos
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On 07/31/2010 05:39 PM, James Cloos wrote:
>>>>>> "PH" == Paweł Hajdan, <phajdan.jr@g.o> writes: > > PH> Another thing we can consider is making UTF8 the default setup in > PH> Gentoo. I think most people (including me) don't care whether it's > PH> C or UTF8 as long as it works. > > Forcing utf-8 will only be reasonable when there is a C.UTF-8 and/or > a POSIX.UTF-8 locale. > > That should be done upstream in glibc, but were they to refuse then > Gentoo should add it to the glibc ebuild. > > The language_country locales are just wrong for root. They are often > broken (locales like en_US force case-insensitive colation, meaning that > a command such as 'rm [a-z]*' will unlink(2) 'Makefile' and similar files > which one would not expect to match) and cause bugs. > > In fact, glibc's insistance that C and POSIX are ascii rather than raw > unspecified eight bit is itself a bug. > > Utf8 is nice, but forcing the lang_country locales on root is not. > > -JimC
You can create a POSIX.UTF-8 locale right now, using the same /etc/locale.gen mechanism that is used for generating other locales (localedef will output a few warnings, but the generated locale works just fine from what I can see). If you want a C.UTF-8 locale, then you just need to symlink /usr/share/i18n/locales/C to POSIX (or call localedef directly as "localedef --add-to-archive -i POSIX -f UTF-8 C.UTF-8"). If there are any issues with those locales besides the warnings that localedef outputs, I haven't seen them yet. - -- Jonathan Callen -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v2.0.16 (GNU/Linux) Comment: Using GnuPG with Mozilla - iQIcBAEBCAAGBQJMVLH7AAoJELHSF2kinlg4+VYQAIB/Qc3Oq6lmK6tgiXADjk1Y ICMCTbxyuCRNkfllwVqqIKEMUE/UmkqIjkY2/1m2uHp3kIm8tErSa1AohdSoJncc 7LIH17daM7T9XylA7DoqX7et3E3mtl8SerGHFMQ7ae0qYMUkbnNeyeUq4mVhH35G IazjLFCIn0KlLmsim+8ILh8OQ4NWGK1JQlqXDluxHb3BVK37XDLWmvz5gG1+CTmS KrmL3ek+BujiHOfAuvc86jFi9rWMP/yPh8OMIOsG41e/4hdNnhhhwiF0MHRs6bpO Ql3FLsQjS5J7o6MC5690r/Ov/qHj/PAVITXft5cEQhq/gK17sg5TM5zs1JZxNMpH T5z8LuSJenB6hF/+Gk0aew0XKig52539KZRnYShyl9z0QlLUlmwj0L3t8cFnm1in 2ttaeVttc4P2gwaF5Uf4ljEPFJ5w3lVIsXtRJklcPOjDUlCwnpYU0y5GS7RtAXJG l/4Ax2/yW8P070dg7AoYh1WVTY1ChsyRNTECFYfge8ra5OnXT9HJPVBm7FFTof+L IYXJ8zOGnDm32xsiov0LsrYC5KiD+FixkqTiPUHnbZm9KmI/HCyvnODm3cD+k8ts Ht4JXxdVPEjv37bpDgdSbrI2vFb3sfpdH/wY1LMoAU00p9f/xwM2d9R1i+Q08CBV 74aYdVDpAQi5Kqevehw8 =7bB7 -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----


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