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From: "Robin H. Johnson" <robbat2@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] Detecting Baselayout2/openrc - no-symlink profiles leading to breakage
Date: Sat, 17 Jan 2009 23:07:43
I'm raising this as an extension of bug 253076, but also because I see
the potential for danger.

To date, for an init script that has baselayout2-specific behavior, we
have had some variant of [ -e /lib/ ] in the init script.

On a multilib profile with no symlinks and a 64-bit userspace, the .so
file would be installed in /lib64/, and the check would
mistakenly have the wrong result. 

There's one fix that has started to turn up already, but I'm not sure if
it's going to be safe always: [ -f /etc/init.d/sysfs ]
This happens to work as openrc installs that init script.

As a long term solution, can we just consume an inode and have some file
like /etc/baselayout2? The file must reside on the / partition even when
the major trees /usr, /var, /tmp, /opt, /boot, /home, /dev, /root are
separate mountpoints.

Affected and broken profiles:
- amd64's 2005.0/no-symlink (it was very widely deployed. It's not
  supported or in the tree anymore, but there ARE still people using it)
- default/linux/sparc/2008.0 (unconfirmed)
- Any profile that sets SYMLINK_LIB="no" AND the userspace is 64-bit.
- Wouldn't surprise me if some of the N32 style mips stuff was broken

Affected, but not broken profiles:
These are multilib, but with the default as 32-bit causes the lib to be
in right place.
- arch/powerpc/ppc64/32ul
- hardened/linux/powerpc/ppc64/2008.0/32bit-userland
- Any other profile that inherits features/32bit-userland

Robin Hugh Johnson
Gentoo Linux Developer & Infra Guy
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