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From: omestre <omestre@×××××××××.org>
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Subject: [gentoo-dev] dependences
Date: Sat, 17 Jul 2004 16:09:16
1 Hello,
2 My name is Leal, i'm working in my graduation monograph,
3 and the subject is "GNU/Linux Distribution's application
4 management software". Initially, I'm testing two distros...
5 Debian and Gentoo. After that, i will try out fedora. I know
6 Debian, but with gentoo i have found some "problems", and i'm
7 asking you help, to make my work as right as possible. One of
8 my principal tasks is determine how much dependences a package
9 have. With "qpkg" i have got that informations for my installed
10 gentoo system, but the "SYSTEM PROFILE" confuses me. Some packages
11 have as dependence the word "SYSTEM PROFILE" that is not a package,
12 but too many of them... So i have created a "fake" package "SYSTEM-PROFILE
13 " to my tasks... The question is: There is a manner to extract the
14 informations that i want, whithout this SYSTEM PROFILE?
15 Well, in my opinion this procedure used by gentoo is "confuse" because
16 creates global dependence. In production environments, the information
17 about packages dependences (exactly) is essential. If one software
18 dependes on libc6, i want to know that, and don't want know that it
19 depends on SYSTEM PROFILE. In my home page have "graphs" and text files,
20 take a look and tell me if gentoo give a tool to get the informations
21 that i want: Especifics depends.
22 Thanks!!
23 My home:
26 omestre@××××××××××××.org
27 SDF Public Access UNIX System -
29 --
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