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Subject: [gentoo-dev] How others handle bad behaviour on mailinglists
Date: Thu, 08 Mar 2007 13:37:46
1 Dear List,
3 as Gentoo is not the only project with large mailing lists, others suffer from
4 similar problems.
5 This is an overview on how other (well know) (community driven) projects
6 handle flaming and similar things.
8 Only use this thread to add further links or information as well as to correct
9 me, if my information was wrong (which it hopefully not, of course).
10 Add where you got the information from, if you do so please.
12 Please start new threads with new titles if you want to comment on this email.
14 (Projects are in no particular order.)
16 OpenBSD:
17 A Netiquette exists ( ).
18 #openbsd information: The practise is to ignore people locally and personally,
19 like an ignore list on IRC. If someone who is usually ignored (should be
20 easily doable by setting up a filter that marks to-be-ignored-mail
21 accordingly) posts something important anyway, one will usually notice this
22 since there are followups referencing this mail which were sent by other
23 people, thus arent masked...
25 Debian:
26 Several codes of behaviour exist ( and
27 linked pages).
28 IRC was not very responsive, no further information.
30 FreeBSD:
31 Excerpts from
32 :
33 "Personal attacks and profanity (in the context of an argument) are not
34 allowed, and that includes users and developers alike."
35 "All FreeBSD mailing lists have certain basic rules which must be adhered to
36 by anyone using them. Failure to comply with these guidelines will result in
37 two (2) written warnings from the FreeBSD Postmaster
38 <postmaster@×××××××.org>, after which, on a third offense, the poster will
39 removed from all FreeBSD mailing lists and filtered from further posting to
40 them."
41 Codes of behaviour exist and can be found either directly or indirectly via
42 the above link.
44 NetBSD:
45 Seems to be a semi-ideal world here.
46 Taken from :
47 "Please note that while the majority of the NetBSD mailing lists are normally
48 unmoderated, there are circumstances which will occasionally cause a mailing
49 list to be moderated by its manager."
50 IRC information: Nothing known of banning, yet "moderation" in the sentence
51 cited above might well include the right to do so. Behaviour is quite good in
52 general, so that no further rules and so on are needed up to this point.
53 Nevertheless people who get on others nerves are usually ignored, see
54 OpenBSD.
56 KDE:
57 Points out to .
58 Got no (real) information on IRC. Additional information anyone?
60 Gnome:
61 Nothing found on the website except for (un)subscribe information, and that
62 cross-posting is to be avoided.
63 IRC replys were not helpfull.
65 Ubuntu:
66 A general "Code of Conduct" can be found here
68 One quote specific to mailings lists and forums taken from it:
69 "Please avoid flamewars, trolling, personal attacks, and repetitive arguments.
70 On technical matters, the Technical Review Board can make a final decision.
71 On matters of community governance, the Community Council can make a final
72 decision."
73 Another specific document on mailinglists is here
76 OpenSUSE:
77 There is a netiquette here
79 IRC information: Someone who said to read both dev and user lists said there
80 are few flame wars, and a more major problem for the project would be
81 off-topic threads.
83 Fedora:
84 A guideline exits here
86 Each list is owned by a specific operator, which can be found on this page
87 when following the correct link (see
88 the very bottom of the (un)subscribe pages, search for "list run by").
89 IRC information: Those moderators are allowed to warn than ban. People who
90 flame are excluded from the community by telling them flamers are not wanted
91 and similar.
95 Sincerely,
97 Daniel
100 P.S.: Spaces around URLs on purpose for easier copy&paste.
101 --
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