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Subject: [gentoo-dev] Experiences with rc5-1
Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2001 13:06:41
1 I have a machine with a sym53c8xx controller with 2 hard drives, and an IDE
2 cdrom.
3 The machine boots r1 just fine, but there is no module available for the
4 sym53c8xx controller.
5 I am in the process of building a module for this controller to put on floppy
6 and try to load, but I keep running into symbol problems.
8 I guess, besides my specific problem with this controller, what is the generic
9 solution for someone who has an unsupported controller ? Normally I would use an
10 older system or boot floppys to install the sys tarball, build a new kernel and
11 go from there.
13 On my other system an ASUS CUV4XD with dual coppermine 933's (which also has a
14 sym53c8xx controller, but the boot drives are on ide) I have everything working
15 just fine, except I cannot emerge xfree-4.1.0-r1 (package mask) and when I try
16 to ebuild it blows up while doing a make clean indicating there is no make file
17 (a problem with imake maybe ??)
19 Anyway I still think this is the best distribution going, keep up the good work.
21 I will be working on my first attempts at ebuild scripts this weekend, for
22 nethack, and maybe omega
24 Joe DeRosa


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