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From: Pengcheng Xu <i@××××××××.moe>
To: gentoo-dev@l.g.o
Cc: Stephen Christie <undersampled@××××.com>, ramage.lucas@××××××××××.com
Subject: [gentoo-dev] Introducing SharkBait: Gentoo GSoC 2018 project to manage Android with Portage
Date: Tue, 02 Oct 2018 02:11:02
1 Dear all,
3 I'm Pengcheng Xu, one of the participants in Gentoo Google Summer of
4 Code 2018, with Benda (heroxbd) Xu as my mentor. I've been
5 working on the project SharkBait [1] (previously known as
6 Portage-powered Android), which aims to manage the build and update
7 process of Android systems with Portage. Development details can be
8 found on my personal blog [2].
10 I've recently delivered a talk on the Software Freedom Day event at
11 Tsinghua University, China on September 22nd about the SharkBait
12 project. The talk slides are attached and should serve as a concise
13 introduction.
15 We've finished booting Android in LXC while having OpenRC as the
16 service manager for the rest of the system. Work to build Android
17 components with Portage has started, and we have successfully built
18 bionic (Android's libc) with Portage on amd64, but there are a few
19 issues left on ARM.
21 If you're interested, follow the porting guide at [3] to get started
22 with your Android device. The slides contain a slightly more detailed
23 overview of porting a device, while the wiki page holds all the
24 details to get a port up and running.
26 We're planning to implement an eclass for Soong, the AOSP build
27 system, and develop mechanisms to automatically convert Soong metadata
28 to ebuilds. We may have to figure out how to build Java parts of
29 Android (gradle mostly) elegantly with Portage. In this way, we can
30 achieve the final goal of the project, that is, to manage Android
31 update process with Portage.
33 I've always been looking forward to responses from Gentoo developers,
34 so please tell me what you think about the project as well as
35 questions. Thanks!
37 [1]:
38 [2]:
39 [3]:
41 Sincerely,
42 --
43 Pengcheng Xu
44 i@××××××××.moe