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From: slik <slik@×××××××××××.net>
To: gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: [gentoo-dev] irc log 'o bugs
Date: Wed, 17 Jan 2001 22:56:29
<_SLiK_> in the stock /etc/ the commented out #/usr/lib/qt is
non-existent..  it resides in 
<_SLiK_> 2. there is no mga_drv.o in X
<Sk2> nope, didn't know that one, although there was something about qt
recently... might have been that ;)
<_SLiK_> (the new matrox driver is better btw)
<Sk2> mga!? wow...
<Sk2> oh, matrox =)
<Sk2> heh, mail 'em to gentoo-dev@g.o
<_SLiK_> and... well, there should be a LITTLE bit of automation while
<Sk2> we haven't written any yet :)
<Sk2> coming soon
<Sk2> "soon" heh
<_SLiK_> imagine the daunting task of installing every single package (if
one was crazy enough to do so, like 
<Sk2> I don't have to imagine it :)
<_SLiK_> so I wrote a script for post install.. want it?
<Sk2> sure, send it to the list
<Sk2> best to let everybody have a copy, not just me
<_SLiK_> and and.. hrm...
<_SLiK_> there was more.. I think
<Sk2> mail it as you think of it :)
<_SLiK_> oh yes!  does portage really have to pull down the whole source
tree?? it should be able to pull down 
  patches and patch local copies of older sources.. for people with low
bandwidth (like me ;) maybe it already 
  does this
<Sk2> I'm not sure, I dont have any boxes I can test which are online and
<Sk2> do I don't know =)
<Sk2> s/do/so
<Sk2> sorry if I'm not being particularly helpfull...
<_SLiK_> and of course.. i'm willing to help out.. skills include
c,c++,bash,and wads 'o time
<Sk2> time is always usefull :)
<Sk2> heh, if you have time, you could do some levels for pingus too :)
<_SLiK_> first in foremost in *MY* way of thinking is convinience
utilities, which I'm willing to start working 
<Sk2> such as?
* _SLiK_ is not the pingus type
<Sk2> heh, ok
<_SLiK_> such as things to make installation smoother


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