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From: Andreas Sturmlechner <asturm@g.o>
To: gentoo-dev <gentoo-dev@l.g.o>
Cc: gentoo-dev-announce <gentoo-dev-announce@l.g.o>
Subject: [gentoo-dev] Qt 5.15.3 version bump with breaking changes incoming
Date: Mon, 21 Mar 2022 11:18:56
Message-Id: 4670653.OV4Wx5bFTl@tuxbook
1 Please upgrade to Qt 5.15.3 which is in package.mask now and help testing,
2 especially if you maintain Qt5-based packages yourself.
4 1) dev-qt/qtwaylandscanner (new package) split from dev-qt/qtwayland
6 With that, qtwaylandscanner binary gets its own package, to be usually put
7 into BDEPEND by revdeps.
9 => Please check your packages for this dependency change. [1][2]
11 2) dev-qt/qtchooser ceases to manage Qt development binaries in PATH as links
13 qtchooser is a tool for quickly switching between multiple Qt installations
14 (e.g. Qt3, Qt4 and Qt5) and was used, in times when unversioned Qt binaries
15 conflicted with each other, to control the default Qt version in Gentoo's PATH
16 via config in /etc/xdg/qtchooser.
18 Other distributions were solving the situation with '-qt5' or '5' suffixed
19 links, and packages as a result often test for both variants, while in Gentoo
20 we have been busy fixing upstream packages wrongly depending on PATH for build
21 dependencies [3]. Qt6 is finally installing binaries in a non-conflicting way
22 using the '6' suffix, so we will adopt this convention as well.
24 This brings the following changes to Qt packaging:
25 a) Development binaries no longer unversioned in PATH -
26 instead, e.g. qmake becomes qmake5, qml becomes qml5, ...
27 b) Binary tool-only packages install unversioned symlinks, moving SLOT=0
28 This affects assistant, linguist, qdbus, qdbusviewer, pixeltool
30 PATH changes have been Tinderbox tested for well over a year without revealing
31 more than a handful of build issues [4][5][6] right at the beginning. There
32 might be silent breakage though:
34 => Please test your package with Qt 5.15.3 and *without* dev-qt/qtchooser
35 Watch out for ebuilds with...
36 a) IUSE={qt5,gui} suddenly ineffective silently
37 b) automagical Qt5 detection suddenly ending up without GUI
38 => Do *not* depend on dev-qt/qtchooser or QT_SELECT for your package,
39 instead fix the build system (see [3])
41 Users will still be able to install and use dev-qt/qtchooser for development
42 purposes if they wish, or even to provide old Qt4 in PATH, as our symlinks
43 will not collide with it.
45 [1]
46 [2]
47 [3]
48 [4]
49 [5]
50 [6]
51 b0d93f19dd63cf0dd6f9154ef33ef8326e3c7872


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