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From: Thomas Beaudry <tmbeaudry@×××.com>
To: michael@××××××.com, gentoo-dev@g.o
Subject: RE: [gentoo-dev] GCC 3.1/3.2
Date: Mon, 29 Jul 2002 02:28:23
1 >Gentoo patches 3rd party apps for new GCC versions?
2 >I would have expected the original package author to
3 >be doing that, not people from a particular distro.
5 All the distros do it. Nobody wants to wait for the
6 maintaner to find the time, they usually have other
7 work to do to put food on the table. That's the reason
8 the updates happen so fast. Among all the distros,
9 there's someone who has the time (and quite often is
10 paid to do so, e.g. Mandrake, Red Hat) to figure out
11 the fixes right away. As soon as they have it figured
12 out, they email it to the maintaner who then usually
13 checks it out and merges it into the code.
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